The Future Me.

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My name is Ikura. I am 21 years old right now. 
I am a young looking woman, with long blond hair. Pretty skinny since, even though I eat a lot, I do not gain weigh. I am really tall and with bony face. I usually wear some make up to accentuate my eyes and I am pretty passionate about fashion, meaning that I like to dress nice, but I have my moments when I wear sweatpants and hoodies. I am a pretty confident person with a strong personality and even though I just do stuff with out thinking about the consequences, I manage to control these consequences by myself. I am presently studying in the University of St Louis Community College, I have wished to study there since I went to United States of America and met my best friend. I really like this University, I am always learning new things and I am actually pretty good at what I am doing, which is business management as well as a class of different types of art: Visual, manual, photography, etc. It is a really interesting class, and since I have always loved art, it is a really good class for me. As well as I study and I am interested on what I study, I also have a social life. I go to College with some of my friends from high school. And I actually live with two of them. Kenzie and her step sister. It is really fun being able to live with your best friend because you can sort of do what ever you want. I am currently single, but I am not planning on staying this way. I do not want to be attached to anyone at the moment. I really like meeting new people and hanging out with my friends, and even though I still act like a teenager, I can see myself married at the age of 32 and with a kid at the age of 35 or so. I still have so much to learn.
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