The Future Effects of Global Warming

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The Future Effects of Global Warming
After several years of scientific debate over the existence of global warming, most experts now agree that global warming exists and may have devastating effects on Earth’s climate. Global warming will influence and/or cause heat waves, polar ice caps melting, flooding, extinction, and droughts. Social, Historic and Intellectual Context of the Study

The existing research literature suggests that global warming is going to greatly affect the Earth’s climate. Global warming is defined as an increase in the earth's atmospheric and oceanic temperatures widely predicted to occur due to an increase in the greenhouse effect resulting especially from pollution (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary). Up until recently global warming was not considered real. Scientists were not in consensus with one another about the existence of global warming. The United States population has typically showed less interest in surveys about global warming than the rest of the world has. Global warming has become a more important topic since about 2000. Scientists, for the most part, now agree that global warming is real and is caused by the burning of fossil fuels by humans. Global warming will drastically change Earth’s climate in several ways. There will be severe heat waves all over the world. Polar ice caps will change drastically because of melting. Floods will become a more common occurrence as global warming worsens. Many different species will become extinct because they will not be able to adapt as the climate abruptly changes. Droughts will also become longer and more intense. Significance of the Study

This study has the potential to be of interest to the following categories of individuals and professionals: politicians, scientists, students, researchers, environmentalists, car manufacturers, global activists, and the general population.

These individuals and professionals are expected to be interested in the study because global warming will affect everyone and everything on the planet Earth Research Question
The current study investigates the future effects of global warming. The research question addressing the study is; What are the future effects of global warming on Earth’s climate? Purpose of the study

The purpose of the study was to explore and describe the future effects of global warming on the environment. The reason for conducting this study was to gain insight and find possible recommendations for this study. Methodology of the Study

This study utilized document analysis for data collection. It is a qualitative study because it did not include any numerical experiments or analysis. Outcome/Results and Discussion
The existing research literature on global warming has indicated that global warming will change the Earth’s climate in several ways. There will be heat waves, polar ice caps melting, flooding, extinction, and droughts. Heat waves are inevitable and will occur more frequently. If someone were to look at the 21 hottest years that were measured, 20 of those years have occurred in the last 25 years. (Gore 72) Heat waves are defined as a stretch of at least five days with highs 5°C above average. An eastern European project called PRUDENCE produced specific projections on future temperatures in selected regions in Europe. In the Paris region, the temperature reaches 30°C six to nine days per year currently. By the end of the century that number will jump to 50 days per year. Many other areas have not been studied in such detail as the Paris region have but the results of such studies would most likely be similar.(Henson 53) Polar ice caps will definitely melt more as global warming gets worse. Polar ice caps do not melt in winter right now. As the winter temperatures rise at the poles over the years, it may by possible for the ice to melt. Right now the winter temperature in the North Pole increases at a rate of 2.6°C per 100 years....

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