The Fundamentals of Human Resource Development

Topics: Globalization, Human resource management, Management Pages: 43 (12789 words) Published: October 23, 2011
PA R T 1 The Fundamentals of Human Resource Development
Part 1 explains the fundamentals of human resource development. The topics covered act as a foundation for parts 2 and 3. These fundamentals encompass a wide range of issues including an analysis of the relationship between the theory and practice of the concept.

The Context of Human Resource Development
Learning objectives:
By the end of this chapter you should be able to:
Q Define and explain the concept of globalization Q Discriminate between different perspectives on globalization Q Explain how globalization is impacting on work and organizations Q Appreciate the implications of globalization for the practice of human

resource development
Q Understand the relationship between national human resource

development and national vocational education and training In order to achieve these objectives it is important that you not only read the chapter carefully but also complete the activities and review questions, and undertake some of the suggested further reading.

Indicative content:
n Different perspectives on globalization n The key drivers of economic globalization: advancements in technology and

communications, global competition, and changing organizational structures n The developing economies of China and India n The implications of globalization for the practice of HRD within organizations n The role of national vocational education and training (NVET)



n The emergence of national human resource development (NHRD) n Global approaches to NHRD n The implications of NHRD for HRD practitioners

Key concepts:
Globalization Supply chain Human resource development (HRD) Human capital Social capital National human resource development (NHRD) National vocational education and training (NVET)



1.1 Introduction
A variety of terms have been used by academics and practitioners to describe the topic covered in this book: training, training and development, employee development, learning and development, and human resource development (HRD). Do these different terms mean different things? Or, can they be used inter-changeably? Who is responsible for HRD in organizations: HRD practitioners or line managers or both? What are the responsibilities of the learner? What is the relationship between HRD and human resource management (HRM)? Why do academics rather than practitioners prefer the term Human Resource Development (HRD)? The aim of this book is to provide answers to these questions. This is not an easy task as there are multiple perspectives on the meaning and purpose of HRD which can confuse anyone who is unfamiliar with the topic. Much of the academic literature published over the last decade has been characterized by an ongoing and robust debate on these different perspectives. This has been important for three reasons: it has strengthened the breadth and depth of HRD theory; it has generated empirical studies on different aspects of HRD practice; and, it has helped to establish the academic credibility of the subject. But there is still a sense that the academic and practitioner communities are not as closely inter-twined as they should or could be; although tensions between theory and practice are not confined to the field of HRD but appear to be endemic in the management and organizational sciences generally (Kuchinke, 2004). It is not the purpose of this chapter to critique the relationship between the academic and practitioner communities and the implications that this has for the theory and practice of HRD. This is covered in the next chapter where you will gain an insight into the often ambiguous and contested nature of the concept. Chapter 2 will focus in particular on an analysis of the two principal perspectives on HRD: the performance and humanist perspectives. These perspectives have fuelled some of the most controversial...
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