The Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship: The American Dream

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Ralph Waldo Emerson Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: May 16, 2011
I have always been fascinated by the concept of the “American Dream”. Even if, nowadays, this concept is more and more criticize because some people believe that the structure of American society doesn’t follow anymore the idealistic goal of the “American Dream”, providing example such as inequality in class or race which suggest that the “American Dream” is not attainable for all. But to me the term “American Dream” stays unchanged: all people can succeed through hard work, and all people have the potential to live happy and successful lives. And in my mind, the entrepreneurship is one of the most famous way to achieve this “American Dream”. Steven BUYERS who is the founder and owner of EnergyLogic –a fast-growing company in Northern Colorado, appears to me as a very good example of this “American Dream” which is about hope and the potential for change. In fact, I feel this at the same time through the very innovative and sustainable development oriented concept of his company, and the take of initiative he seems able to show without having a precise idea of where it will lead him. In this paper, I’m going to discuss two major topics which seems relevant to me given Steven BUYERS’ experience, they are: the self-made man and the capacity to see opportunity.

Self-made man
The first thing I would like to precise is about the vision I have of a self-made man. Obviously when I use this term I’m not saying that Steven BUYERS is the only one responsible of the success of his company, because it would mean that nobody have accompanied him in this project and it wouldn’t be fair not to think about his employees or his wife who has apparently plays a huge role in his success. But I rather mean that he had managed to create and manage a success business starting from like nothing. The concept of the self-made man is necessarily connected with the “American dream” that I have mentioned before. The self-made man comes from unpromising circumstances, is not born into...
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