The Functionality Required for the New Curricular Information System

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Curricular Information System
Software Requirements Document
(Draft 1 – August, 2000)
Roberta Crumrine
1. Introduction
1.1  Purpose
This document details the functionality required for the new Curricular Information System (CIS).
1.2  Document Conventions
Although this document is intended as a set of Requirements, not a design, some technical information has been included with the requirements description.  
Priority for all functionality is ‘One’ except where noted. 1.3 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions
The primary audience is Academic Services, especially the Office of Curriculum and Faculty Support, and the Student Services Information Technology staff. Ultimately, all members of the CIS Project Team (Ref 3) are the intended audience. 1.4 Product Scope

The Curricular Information System is intended initially to replace existing Clipper and Web proposal systems with a new, integrated, web-based system having the features detailed in this document. It provides a foundation that facilitates orderly growth of future enhancements.  

Certain enhancements have been included in this document as Priority 1 features. Other enhancements are listed as Priority 2 – not essential for the initial release. 1.5 Reference
(Note: documents available on the web are so indicated. Others are available upon request.) Source Documents for the CIS Requirements Specification
1) Curricular Information System Vision and Scope
2) HTML/Print Generator and Document Management Sub-Project Vision and Scope 3) CIS Project Participants
4) Catalog Production Schedule Timeline
5) CSB and Registration Timeline
6) Old Catalog Data description (Clipper system, web proposal system, MITSIS) 7) Scheduling system Class Schedule Book (CSB) File layout and description 8) Old Catalog Functions (spread sheet)
9) CSB and Registration Program documentation
10) Formal Department and Academic Services Interview Documents (detailed list available) 11) Final Exam Recommendation Draft Document
Companion CIS Requirements Documents
1)     CISData.doc
2)     CISMigrationRefresh.doc
3)     CISWorkflow.doc
4)     CIS Process Model Diagrams (These require the SilverRun BPM viewer)
5)     Scheduling system Class Schedule Book (CSB) File layout and description  
2.Overall Description
2.1 Product Perspective
The CIS provides:
A department coordinator ‘portal’ for Academic Services including:
        Complete proposal development functionality (similar to IAP proposals, but more extensive)
        A home for broadcast and individual communications between Academic Services and departments
        Links to related Academic Services web applications. Centralized Academic Services administrative control functions Centralized Programmer control functions
2.2 Product Functions
The overall description of CIS functionality was given in the Project Vision and Scope (Ref 1):
1.      Provide facilities to enhance the exchange of information among faculty and staff during curriculum development. Do so by enabling distribution of official information with ancillary discussion among authorized faculty members, staff, and faculty committees during all phases of subject proposal development and review, including prior to proposal submission to the COC/CGSP.

2.      Preserve a record of these decisions and their context.
3.      Support versioning and workflow management of the information that it maintains.
4.      Replace the current catalog production system, in which departments submit subject listing changes both electronically and on paper and curricular changes on paper, with a fully electronic system. (However, printed listings will still be obtainable upon request.)

5.      Enable updating of catalog data throughout the year. Do so for more than one term/year simultaneously.
6.      Provide up-to-date...
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