The Fruitcake Romano and Bunga Telur

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The story is set in traditional malay village in the state of Johor. Johor is one of the malay heartlands and is located south coast of peninsular Malaysia. Among the malays, weddings are usually celebrated on and elaborate scale. Although the story takes place in contemporary times, match making is still practiced. The older folks, usually the women, take the responsibility of choosing a bride or bridegroom for their children. This is often followed by the eldest taking full charge of the wedding preparations. Among the malays, the bunga telur is a must. The bunga telur is a hard-boiled egg that is presented in a small special case together with decorative flowers to the guest who come from the wedding as a token of appreciation for coming to the wedding ceremony. They also stick and decorate the bunga telur on the pulut kuning and it will be placed on the bridal chamber as a part of the decoration.

This short story is about Jamal a young Johor man which is the main character In this short story decides to get married. He worked as a chemist at the Amos cosmetic factory in Pasir Gudang, Johor Bahru. For your information Jamal does not look for the bride himslef but leave the task of choosing a bride for him to his mother and sister. One day, his mother finally finds and chooses a suitable bride for him. Jamal's mother had decides to meet with his bride according they never meet to each other. That night,Jamal drove to an expensive seafood restaurant where they spent some time having drinks and ordering food. All the conservation was of the polite kind and his bride looked friendly although it was the first time they meet. Jamal notices that the woman that her mother choose is considers beautiful, well educated, rich and cultured girl, Jamal was satisfied with his mother choice. He likes her immediately when he sees her.

The next day, Jamal went to the work early on the morning. That day, he tries different concoctions to create the best perfume. After he done a research, he successfully produces a best mixture of perfume. He was trying out all the usual mix of flowers and things just like he always did. He was surprised that he could produced a great perfume mixture. The mixture of perfume that he makes smells pleasant. Jamal named the perfume by Romano. As he went back home, his future bride, Jamaliah came to his house for helped the wedding preparations. Suddenly, a strange things happened,she opened her mouth as it she was going to speak than stopped. She had smelled the perfume, The Romano that he was wearing and the change that came over him was immediate. Jamaliah looked excited and told Jamal that she wants to get married earlier. Jamal was bewildered and still too surprised to speak for a while. Jamal started thinking something and he accidently discovers that the perfumes can attract woman and make fall in love with him.

Next, Jamal decides to get married and the wedding will be held in two months time. The time is needed for the wedding invitation, catering, bridal chamber and bunga telur. He suggested doing away with the tradition of bunga telur and replaced with a cup of fruitcake. His sister didn't satisfied with his plan and tried to explain the importance of bunga telur. She tells Jamal to call off the wedding when he suggests that the giving of bunga telur by distributing the cup of fruitcake special instead. Jamal finds the cost of preparing the bunga telur was expensive, but he willing to work hard get the addition money. He is really wants to change the bunga telur with fruitcake special as it looked more modern and contemporary.

The next day, Jamal's mother request for money to carry out the wedding arrangements. Jamal decides to prepare a budget. He prepares budget sheet one and estimates RM 19,500 as costs to have his wedding. Jamal feels worried with the sum of his wedding. He cannot afford it based on his...
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