The Front vs. the Crucible

Topics: The Crucible, Salem witch trials, John Proctor Pages: 1 (428 words) Published: September 27, 2010
If couple Howard Prince and Florence Barrett from the movie “The Front” had met the couple of John and Elizabeth Proctor from the book “The Crucible”, then it might have been possible that all four characters could have helped each other in their battles for justice. The Front is a film set in the 1930s, when the search for communists was at its height. Howard Prince and Florence Barrett were both in the entertainment industry where many people were getting blacklisted because they were targeted as communists. Howard and Florence both happened to be targeted as potential communists. Then there is “the Crucibles,” which is set amid the 1692 Salem witch trials. John and Elizabeth Proctor were accused of being witches, who turned against God’s will to harm the theocracy. During both time periods, these couples and many innocent people were accused of sins they had not committed without any proof, and lost their lives. The character of Howard Prince is much like the character of John Proctor. Both characters lie to their love interest about different things, which eventually leads them to cost their lives. John Proctor doesn’t tell his wife Elizabeth about his illegitimate relationship with Abigail Williams, who then in fury and jealousy accuses Elizabeth Proctor of being a witch. Howard Prince lies to Florence about his identity as a writer. Howard and John both lust for other women, but love only one. Once they tell the truth to their women, they are both given the opportunity of freedom by their individual judges, if and only if they rat out their friends. Initially they gave into committing the sins they were accused of, but decide they would rather be punished and make the right decision. Florence Barrett and Elizabeth Proctor are supportive towards Howard and John when they pick the route to do justice to all those hurt and accused of a crime they have not committed by being punished. In the movie it is seen that Florence is hugging and kissing Howard of...
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