The French Revolutions Influence

Topics: Louis XVI of France, French Revolution, Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Wold History 10th Grade

The French revolution’s influence
Who would’ve thought that such a small man like napoleon Bonaparte would bring such a big change on the political and economic structure of France? By the 1780s France once prosperous economy was seriously in decline. People were very desperate those times and their government was very unstable. By then, people weren’t concerned about their rights and equality anymore, they were desperate for someone to come in and establish order in their country. This was exactly what Napoleon Bonaparte did when fate handed him an opportunity to defend the delegates of the revolution.

In 1780s Frances economy was in danger due to the 7 years of war and all the territories lost. This issue was leading to new ideas about the government and creating desire for a change. The resolution to this economic problem, according to King Louis XVI was to impose taxes on the nobility. Their reaction was to call out for a meeting of the state’s general, where they proclaimed for the end of absolute power and the beginning of representative government. Later on, the third estate pledged for a new constitution through the tennis court oath. In response to these events, King Louis stationed an army surrounding the Versailles, causing a mob of people to destroy the Bastille while looking for gunpowder to defend their city. None of this events make any positive changes on the economic structure of France, instead it kept getting worst as years passed by.

For the next few years, France’s political structure was very unstable. In early august 1789, the national assembly adopted the declaration of rights of man, and later handed the power to the legislative assembly. Despite the new government, economic problems still remained, which caused the legislative assembly to split into 3 general groups for a change; the radicals, moderates and conservatives. The European monarchs feared that people would revolt against their own...
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