The French Revolution

Topics: French Revolution, Louis XVI of France, Estates of the realm Pages: 3 (335 words) Published: February 16, 2012
Notes: The French Revolution - Application of the Fever Model World History, Culture, and Geography Incubation Stage: Causes Social Inequality - three estates •Three estates

•First Estate (upper __________________) - 1% of population, taxed peasants

•Second Estate (__________________) - 2-3% of population,
paid no taxes, taxed peasants

•Third Estate (___________________________, peasants,
workers) - paid up to 1/2 of income in taxes Enlightenment Ideas/American Rev.

•Belief all men should have ________________________

•Right and just to remove unjust ___________________ •___________________________ for all •United States Dec. of Independence and Constitution King Louis XVI •Weak leader

•Preferred personal interests, _________________ authority •Incapable of _________________ action Economic Crisis •French economy __________________________

•______________, Louis XVI lifestyle •________________ not taxed •Crop ______________________ •Debt - 1/2 budget goes to ________________

•Bourgeoisie begin _____________________ King
Why is it important that this group is speaking up?

Moderate Stage - Symptoms •Estates General called, Third Estate demands reform ___________________ by others

•National __________________ declared (June 20, 1789) •___________________ stormed (July 14, 1789) in response to king mobilizing Swiss troops Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen (Aug., 1789) •Influenced by _______________

•_________________ of all men, •_____________________ resided in the people, and •________________ rights to liberty, prosperity, and security March of the Women (Oct., 1789) •Food protests turn into ____________ to Versailles

•King forced to move to ___________________
Reforms of National Assembly •“Liberty, equality, ____________________” - motto

•Dismantled ________________ system •Seized __________________ lands •Abolished ______________________ •Creates Constitution of 1791 - limits...
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