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The French Revolution
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Topic: Study habits

Purpose: To educate people about the different types of students with different study habits.

We all have heard the saying study long and study wrong. There are different types of

people in this world with different types of study habits. Most of the children feel that studying is

the most difficult task in the world and they try to do anything and everything possible to avoid

it. On the other hand, there are some people out there who actually like to study. Studying not

only prepares the students to excel in their studies but also helps them to improve their grades. It

all depends on the individual student. In general, it is very easy to categorize each person into a

different group based on their study habits. However each student has their own personal


The Deligents:

The deligent ones are the students who don’t get distracted by anything going around

them. There are different effects on being a deligent. Good effect is that you always score good

marks in your exam and the bad effect is that you are always without any friends. They are so

deeply involved in reading that they hardly notice the things going on in their surroundings. A

deligent student always knows the answer to any question because they are always with books.

The deligent students will work hard in a very careful and consentaneous way. They are very

ambitious people. For example reading the textbooks and classworks several times and making

additional research. These are the students who attain success in class. One example of a deligent

studier is my dad. He does not get up until and unless he finishes his work. He tries to keep

himself busy by reading the current events sections in newspapers and often times he reads

general knowledge books for fun.

The Bookworms:

The bookworms are mostly the nerds who are always with their books. In school usually

no kid wants to play with them and even they don’t play with the other kids because they have

their heads stuck in between the pages of the books. The bookworms usually spend times in

libraries and glaring at people who try to disturb them. Bookworms are considered to be the

dullest of the dull. It is not unusual to see a bookworm reading the same book repeatedly and

surprisingly not get bored of them. Usually a bookworm is proud being called a bookworm.

They feel lucky that they are a bookworm. They try to be occupied by reading books. One of the

example of a book worm is my biology professor in India. He would always sit outside in the

school garden reading a book, devoid of distractions that are in his surroundings. While the other

kids are enjoying in the gardens, the bookworms don’t have time to even look around what is

going on around them. To bookworms, the books are the first and only love.

The Careless Ones:

To be careless is to be free of tension of studying and not to pay attention to anything

related to studying. These people are really careless about their grades. Even though these

children have good memory power they don’t even bother to read. These students play a great

role in school. But the time they realize that they are wrong it is too late. The careless one are the

“laid back” students who really don’t care about themselves or their parents. One of the careless

ones is my friend Sana who fails in every exam and doesn’t even try to improve his grades. He

just focuses on getting out of school as fast as possible and doesn’t care to take out the time out

of his day to study. The last worry in the world that these people have is what grades they get on

their report cards. Even though these people are lucky enough to get good education, they don’t

tend to utilize it.

The Cheaters:

Cheating is a short-cut to success. The cheaters are everywhere. One of the most common

features of an examination involves cheating. When students fail to prepare themselves well

before an examination, they resort to cheat. Cheaters feel proud that they were able to cheat but

they ignore the fact that they are cheating their own conscience. Cheaters come with many clever

ways of cheating. Some even write down full answers on pieces of paper. Some carry their

answers to the toilet and leave the slips of paper there. In the course of the examination they go

to the toilet and consult the sheets to locate the correct answers. One of the popular ways of

cheating is writing answers on the water bottle labels so that when they are taking the test, they

can just read all the answers. Another way, cheaters use their phones during an exam. Either way

these cheaters find a easy way to pass the exam. If caught, these cheaters get the worst

punishment. It varies from detention to expulsion. Sometimes the students marks are deducted

for their act. Some schools fail the student as a penalty for cheating.

Overall the students vary in many ways. The deligents, the bookworms, the careless ones

and the cheaters are the types of people we see at school. Every student of the school fits under a

certain category. It is interesting to see the trends and see how studying makes students literally

go crazy. School can be one of the most stressful experience in a student’s life but studying is

important to achieve something in the future. We should try improving our study skills. Even

though there are barriers in creating a study environment, we should try to ignore them and have

good study habits.

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