The French Indian War

Topics: French and Indian War, Quebec, Appalachian Mountains Pages: 8 (284 words) Published: April 21, 2015
The French & Indian War
By: Sandra and Jalen

Event Years and Sides
Colonial extension Seven Years War
French and Indian war began in 1754-1763
Between the French and Indian over colonial

territory and wealth

The Beginning
George Washington wanted French

withdrawal from Ohio River Valley
On May, 1754Washington surrendered Fort
After a year and a half of undeclared war, war
was formally declared on May, 1756
 First 3 years the French dominated the
British, Fort Oswego and Ticonderoga

1757 French victory at Fort William Henry,

massacre of British by French & Indians
By 1758 British sought peace with Indians,
start of territory
Indian allies began to abandon the French
French collapsed during 1758-89
 Massive defeat of French at Quebec on
September, 1759

By September, 1760 British controlled all of

New World possessions, including Canada
In 1763 French surrender and are forced to
sign the Treat of Paris, losing all possessions

Results of War
France was forced to surrender all of American

possessions to British and Spanish.
British fought with Indians over land claims
Ended French political and cultural influence in
North America
British gained massive land
French agreed to stay out of India, made Britain
supreme military power in that part of Asia
England passed the Proclamation of 1763 to end
settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains

The British gained debts fighting the war
Parliament passed the Stamp Act of 1765 to

recoup financial loss
Stamp Act was repealed, instituted the
Declaratory Act
(new causes of American Revolution)


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