The Freedom Writers Book And Book Analysis

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The director Richard LaGravenese made the movie The Freedom Writers in 2007 and based it off the novel The Freedom Writers Diary with Erin Gruwell and 150 other students published in 1999. Richard LaGravenese wanted to bring the book alive to utilize that everyone struggles in the world. He wanted to bring some similarities and some contrast from both the movie and the novel.
One thing Richard LaGravenese did well was adding in the Holocausts scenes from the novel into the movie. He showed the kids perspective of not knowing about the Holocaust. The kids knew all about gangs, violence, and people dying. Mrs. Gruwell did an amazing job comparing the Holocaust to their own lives helping them become intrigued about the Holocaust. Taking the...

Richard LaGravenese captures the similarities with the movie and the novel by bringing more to the movie than the novel had. Gives the audience a more personal note on how the kids could relate to the Jews and Nazis, that life is hard for everyone not just them. There are people that struggle just as bad as them some even more, no one is alone in anything.
Our main character Mrs. Erin Gruwell played a strong role in the movie and in the novel. Richard LaGravenese made Mrs.Gruwell more personal in the movie. The Freedom Writers movie was based more of her personal life than her teaching aspect. Mrs.Gruwell struggled to get what she where she is at in her educational life. No one was there to support her or to help her out. In the movie The Freedom Writers we see her dad and husband more involved than we do in the book. Richard LaGravenese wanted to show the audience that Mrs. Gruwell got where she is at in her life basically by herself...

In the movie Richard LaGravenese only chooses to put 30 students in the movie that Mrs.Gruwell thought. In the novel it mentions an unknown girl who joins a sorority because she wants to fit in with her friends and the popular senior girls. She talked about all the struggle and hardships other girls had to face. The girl said she was one of the “lucky” ones because she got paired with the senior popular girls and did not have to do any of the bad pledges like the other ones did. Richard LaGravenese leaves this part out of the movie because the things those girls went through was awful and unexplainable. No girl or guy should go through those awful pledges just be accepted or wanting to fit in. The line game was a nice choice to add in the movie by Richard LaGravenese, it shows that the kids are not alone. They all have dealt with the same thing and they are almost the same person just have their own way of doing...
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