The Four Step Control Process

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The Four Step Control Process

CM 220: College Composition II
Professor John E Ribar, MA, M.Phil
October 30, 2012
How can Lei apply the four step control process?
In order for Lei to correctly implement the four step control process she will have to have an extensive handbook. She may think of looking into what other companies list in their handbook just to get an idea. Then after going over what she needs she should go back and look over it. All rules need to be stated even if they sound like they are stupid. She should then have a perfection look over it for areas that need to be filled in.

After making the handbook she can go onto the first step which is to make a list that will be the standard form for critiquing her staff. She needs to have stated what she expects from them. She can post it as goals on the wall and a report card like form for her records. She needs to have a set profitability, innovation, satisfaction of customers and employees, and so on. Her second step is to evaluate her employees. Review their past time schedules. Including but not limited to promptness to work, sick time, and covering shifts. Performance data commonly are obtained from three sources: Written reports, Oral reports, Personal observation. The third step entails her to look at how they are comparing to the standards that she requires. She needs to ask supervisors how each member is doing but she should not forget to also review the managers.

The fourth and final step of the process is to take action when there are discrepancies. Since the handbook was not yet extensive they really are not in the position to fire anyone. Works Cited
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Cited: Shell, B. (2010). M: Management. In M: Management. Irwin Professional Pub.
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