The Four Major Steps Performed By A Project Manager To Close A Project Is

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The four major steps performed by a project manager to close a project is: Finish work on product creation, Deliver project results to the customer, Deliver project results to the customer and Analyzing project experience and documenting. These four step help to make a successful close. 1. Finish work on product creation- team members and project managers need to make sure all work is finished; all tasks have been checked over to be sure everything has been accomplished and completed correctly. 2. Deliver project results to the customer- the managers need sot make sure all work is sent to the customer, employees are trained with the product, and the customer is satisfied with the finished product. 3. Breaking up of the project- the project manager need to make sure each team member understands the project, that each team member is terminated gradually as each portion is completed, and that each member understands how important each person was to the project. 4. Analyzing project experience and documenting- This allows each member to receive unique experience. Analyzing the project allows everyone to review errors, achievements, and/or any understand any problems between the employees and the customer. An analysis also allows project managers and customers to discuss or have interviews to see how the implementation of the project went. This allows managers more knowledge for the next project ("Major Steps In Closing Project", 2004-2015).                                                              

I am not sure if I have ever used this information in a real life project.  
If the steps are not performed, I think the project and future projects do not get completed correctly, and the company gets a bad name and then no one else with hire them to handle future projects.  

Major steps in closing project. (2004-2015). Retrieved from       The four major steps involved in closing a project consist of four major deliverables. The first is the project deliverable acceptance document states that all deliverables agreed upon in the scope and project plan were completed it requires the approval from the project stakeholders that were named in the scope and plan(Jordan, 2015).  The second major step is the lessons learned action The four major steps performed by a project manager to close a project is: Step 1: Assess Development Organization

Step 2: Plan Process Implementation
Step 3: Execute Process Implementation
Step 4: Evaluate Process Implementation

The project manager should have a system in place to measure the project's progress and efficiency. The project manager will be able to determine whether additional information or resources are needed to complete the project, whether resource should be shifted around, and occasionally whether a new approach to the project should be taken. Project managers should focus on performance management and quality control, as well as how well the project personnel are sticking to the estimated time frame and monetary budget.

"Project Management Information System (PMIS)". Retrieved 13 November 2009.

Mapping the final deliverables to the intended deliverables is important to ensure deliverables met. Throughout a project there are a great number of lessons learned, and they are learned collectively among project team members, stakeholders and sponsors alike. Ways a head In my opinion this is actually the most important part of the project close. This is what persists after the project is completed and closed, and is going to be the real value to the organization Retrieved 13 November 2009.

When you are ready for implementation, the project manager would use SOW to be successful because its a detailed road map of the project. While drafting the SOW, it is important to keep in mind that you are providing a...
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