The Four Loves

Topics: Love, Friendship, Marriage Pages: 4 (1591 words) Published: February 1, 2012
Four Loves
The love of affection is a term that I feel I have had in my life and was easily portrayed as a need. My parents are the people in who brought me into this world. They have shown me their ways of becoming a person- by me making my own decisions, and most importantly having a walk with Christ. They may have been a pain to me through discipline, but they always have shown me their love through affection. I feel like my parents have made many mistakes in my early childhood years and those are things that have shaped not only them, but also me. Those critical times were my learning experiences of what was a positive or negative action from just being the observer. I sometimes have a tough time loving them for those actions, but I know that I should love them when they are wrong just as they do me. As parents, they owe me trust for my future and that I will make the right decisions from what they have taught me. I owe my parents respect and obedience to what they have to say about the choices I make. I don’t see my parents having any problems with worries or doubts, because I have always been good about choosing what God would want for my life.

Friendships are non-given gift and only happen if you make it happen. When finding a friend you look for the qualities in a person that you would enjoy spending time with. There can also be a search for similar goals or activities the two people can share. If there is someone who meets those categories and is a person who has a trusting personality they would be someone who would be a friend to me. This friend would also be someone who stands beside me during the good times and the bad. They also would be an individual who can accept the person I have become to be.

When I think about friendship being “about something”, I think about having a companion with the same sex. This person is someone who I can relate to and share frustrations with and who will understand my perspective. My life is about...
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