The Four Goals of Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Scientific method, Cognition Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: November 20, 2011
Brittany Abell
PSY- 102
General Psychology
Module 1- The Four Goals of Psychology
November 20, 2011

Psychology is the study of behavior and the mental process. In psychology there are four goals that make up the psychology of humanity. The four goals are description, understanding, prediction, and control. I will discuss each of them in detail as follows. As well as, discuss the how the brain determines the functions and behaviors of our human behavior. Description is the first goal I will discuss and explain. Description is naming and/ or classifying information that is detailed into a record of behavior observation. During the description goal there are certain behaviors to observe. You have to observe ones thoughts, feelings, goals, attitudes, motivations, actions, and reactions to their surroundings; one may observe these behaviors through test and studies that will explain ones human behavior. Description in my opinion is probably one of the most essential goals that psychology produces. Without it psychology wouldn’t exist because there would be no reason to study human behavior. The second goal of psychological behavior is to understand human behavior. This means that we can state ones human behavior. We understand why one reacts a certain way or has certain feelings. This goal can be achieved usually through qualitative and quantitative observation, which includes the explanation of understanding. This is why understanding is the second goal to psychological behavior; because without it we would not be able to predict the description of ones behavior. Therefore this makes the third goal of psychology, prediction. Prediction is the ability to tell or figure out reasoning for ones behavior. Psychologists use this goal to try and determine when one makes a decision how or when their human behavior will perform in a particular surrounding. There are mixed feelings toward this goal because ones behavior can not always be predicted. Some try...
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