The Fountainhead

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Explain the similarities and differences between the characters of Dominique Francon, Steven Mallory and Gail Wynand.  How does each’s view of life and its possibilities differ from Howard Roark’s? How does this issue relate to the theme of the novel? Howard Roark affects the lives of nearly everyone he meets in The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand. Roark is the ideal man and plays the heroic role of the story. Dominique Francon, Steven Mallory, and Gail Wynand views of life are all affected by Roark and develop throughout the novel unlike Roark who is a constant figure throughout. The novel is based purely around Roark and his struggle to maintain his individuality and all of these characters will both help and hurt him. Roark argues in his second trial that the individual and not the society propel human history. Roark, Dominique, Mallory, and Wynand are all built on this common theme. Dominique Francon is an unusual and unique woman to say the least. She recognizes the greatness that is Howard Roark but she does not believe that he will able to survive in the society that they live in so she tries to destroy him before society has the chance. While Dominique and Roark may share a common view on life and what greatness is Roark is the one that chases it. Dominique surrounds herself with things and people she despises because she wants to avoid watching society destroy things that she truly loves; like Howard Roark. She does everything she can to destroy his career before society gets the chance. Here is where their differences really come about. Roark never gives up. He never stops trying to build and he never creates a building that is not entirely his own style. He does not give in to the ways the rest of the world believes his buildings should look. He refuses to compromise because he is too tough and determined. Dominique is just not as strong as Roark. Dominique makes herself miserable on purpose to avoid more hurt while Roark practically ignores the hatred of...
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