The Fortune Teller-Critical Analysis

Topics: Marriage, Husband, Wife Pages: 2 (761 words) Published: June 23, 2013
The Fortune Teller
The story revolves around a lady Mrs. Edith Myers, who is a fortune-teller. Mrs. Myers for some reasons comes under the notice of Detective Inspector MacLeary. MacLeary is suspicious the means of her living and doubts her to be involved in “espionage”. Although Mr. MacLeary has been keeping an eye on Mrs. Myers for long, nothing substantial has come to light against her. Therefore, Mrs. MacLeary offers a helping hand to Mr. MacLeary in this regard. 0n. the following day, as planned,Mrs. MacLeary, “without her wedding ring, girlishly dressed” goes to Mrs. Myers. Mrs. MacLeary (disguised as Miss Jones) asks Mrs. Myers about her future. Mrs. Myers seizes a pack of cards, shuffles it energetically and picks some cards for Mrs. MacLeary. While picking cards for her customer, Mrs. Myers tells her that she doesn‘t often tell fortune by cards, except “to oblige a friend” and some times she reads the cards as a pastime. Reading cards for,Miss Jones, Mrs Myers tells her that her cards mean lots of money for her; a long journey either for her or for someone near and dear to her; some elderly man is going to get in her way and she will be married “before the year’s out”. Mrs. Myers tells Miss Jones that “a very very rich young man" either a millionaire or a businessman is going to marry her. However, Mrs. Myers warns Miss Jones that before she is united, she will have to overcome great obstacles. She further says that an elderly gentleman will get in her way and suggests her to do everything possible to get married. Mrs. Myers adds that after marriage Miss Jones will travel across the ocean. ‘ ' On hearing this, Mrs. MacLeary thanks Mrs. Myers for her predictions and givesher the fees. As Mrs. MacLeary is about to make a move, Mrs. Myers enquires about her uncle. The young lady lies innocently that he is in police. Mrs. Myers then tells‘_her that “he's threatened by a great danger”, so he should come to her and know more about it. Now the young Miss Jones...
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