The Formula of Success

Topics: The Lion King, Walt Disney, The Walt Disney Company Pages: 7 (2696 words) Published: October 21, 2008
Regardless of how old you are, where in the world you live and no matter what your likes or dislikes, one thing is for sure, some time in your life you watched a Disney Classic. Wheater it was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia, or Hercules, we have all been touched by the power, pleasure and the magic of Disney's magnificent animated classics. The name Walt Disney has been heard by millions so many times. He is an interesting person and has changed the 20th century forever.He has added a touch of magic to the lives of just about everyone. He was a great man with a great imagination and the heart of a child. Probably his most famous cartoon character of all time is, Mickey Mouse. With his irresistible smile and his charming attitude, Mickey has captured the hearts of thousands over the years. The first step of producing an animated feature was taken by Walter Elias Disney. Today, the animated feature industry is a billion dollar business world wide and with no hesitation, it can be stated that Walt Disney Company is the leader of the market. Walt Disney company has created 40 animated feature (See appendix for the oficial list) up to now. And it is such a known fact that The Disney Company uses a specific structural formula which is called " Disney Formula of Success" ( Eisner 114 ). As it is understood by its name, the economic success of the company has guaranteed for years with the help of this formula. All of the animated features of Disney Company have this structural production pattern ( Disney Formula of Success) although they differ in so many ways. But one of these animated feature which is called ‘Pocahontas' differs from the others in the process of using the formula. In this paper, I am going to refer to ‘Aladdin', ‘The Lion King' and ‘Pocahontas' features to analyse the similarities and the differences in order to reach the conclusion that ‘Pocahontas' differs from the others in the process of using the formula. In order to analyse the above mentioned structural pattern; first there will be an overview of the themes of the three chosen films.

Overview of the Themes:

Aladdin is Disney's 31st full-length animated feature and only the sixth classic fairy tale (See appendix for the other fairy tale adaptations) ever to be adapted by the studio which was released in 1993. Aladdin is a story about a young boy who dreams of escaping his street-life existence and marrying the Sultan's beautiful daughter, Princess Jasmin. Fate intervenes when Aladdin is recruited by the Sultan's scheming vizier, Jafar, to help retrieve a magic lamp from deep within the "Cave of Wonders". The boy ends up with the lamp, its wisecracking resident Genie and the three wishes that come with him but also acquires a powerful foe in Jafar. Posing as a rich and handsome prince, Aladdin fails to impress the Princess and discovers that it is his true self that she was interested in all along. With the aid of his Genie pal, his pet monkey Abu and a magic carpet, Aladdin sets out to prove himself worthy by saving the kingdom from Jafar's evil plot and becoming the master of his own fate.

The Lion King is the 32nd Full-length animated feature of Disney which was released in 1994. This is probably the most famous animated feature Disney ever created. The story of the film takes place in the huge forests of Africa. The tale is about the love between a proud lion ruler Mufasa and his son Simba who " just can't wait to be a king"( Mark Mancia, Walt Disney Records). Everything turns out to be a tragedy when Simba's envious Uncle Scar and his hyena henchmen get involved. After the death of his father Simba runs away, forgets his real responsibilities and adopts the carefree life style with warthog Pumba and his pal meercat Timon. But later Rafiki, the wise baboon, and Nala, Simba's ex-best friend help Simba reclaim his true destiny. With the help of his friends Simba faces his past and...
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