The Formative Assessment About International Students in a New Environment

Topics: University, Learning, Intranet Pages: 3 (629 words) Published: June 25, 2013
Formative Assessment

Workshop tutor – Inge Hill

Prepared by
Tawseef Rahman
Independent Business Analysis Project

Submission date – 2nd November, 2012

Question # 1: Identify, interpret and list 5 of the positive institutional-personal factors you have found in the report and how they best “fit” with you.

Answer –

a) Welcoming environment – As a new student in a foreign country, I have felt welcoming attitude from the University staff; which helped to minimize the sorrow of being away from home and family. b) Getting to know the WOLF Interface – The intranet system of the university is easy to learn and adapt. Figuring out the routine for my classes and rooms seemed useful. c) Assisting Staff – I was having some minor problems with my module registration in the first two weeks; however, it was fixed by the staff at the student help center. d) Multicultural diversity – I have always been keen to meet people from different locations, ethnicity and culture. This is one of the major reasons of my interest in studying abroad. e) Helping friends – After coming to Wolverhampton I discovered that I have quite a few number of previous known faces in the university. Although they are in different schools, they have been very kind to me by arranging a private accommodation for me, providing resourceful information about several formal procedures, i.e. getting a National Insurance number, opening bank accounts.

Question # 2: Identify and list 5 of the negative institutional-personal “culture shock” factors you have experienced during Induction and your first two weeks of study.

Answer –

a) Cultural diversity – Although I like meeting new people and learn new cultures, it was a little difficult to adjust in the beginning. Communicating with someone native is much easier than to do with a foreign national. b) Personal finance – Living in an expensive country like England, it was a bit hard to understand and...
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