The Forgotten Member, Case Analysis

Topics: Personality psychology, Psychology, Trait theory Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: May 1, 2010
Christine’s group for her Organizational Behavior course appears to be working well together except for Mike who has missed most of the team’s meetings and has made only limited contributions to the project. Diagnosis:

Norms are not explicitly specified within the group. Procedural conflicts aroused from a mixture of personalities traits causing one of the individuals to feel excluded for the rest of the group. The leadership and task structure are not identified in this group. Prescription:

➢ Christine could do nothing about the problem.
➢ This group has to set rules in order to perform the assigned tasks, and all the team members should agree to follow them, if not, some type of punishment or sanction should be expected. ➢ The team leader, in this case Christine should to learn how to deal with different individual personalities. This because she has to direct and influence the team members to succeed. In base of each member’s contributions, she could assigned the tasks and monitor the performance individually, and if any problem arises, she has to be able to take action and solve it as soon as possible to get of the conflict a positive consequence , instead of the opposite. Implementation:

To punish Mike for his lack of participation and low contribution in group assignments is one of the best possible solutions to this problem. The team has to give him half grade in the assignment and put his name under a line to reinforce him the rules and group commitments. One of the leadership roles is to set tasks in order for the group to be functional and productive. In this case, Christine, in order to be an effective leader, she has to assign tasks within the team members according their personality trait. For example, since she revealed that she is the kind of person who tries to give her best in whatever she does; she has to motivate Mike and help him to feel part of the team. She has to give him...
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