The Forgotten Group Member

Topics: Leadership, Member of Parliament, Team building Pages: 4 (1166 words) Published: September 23, 2011
“The Forgotten Group Member”
Case study

GM591 Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Part 1 – Group Development
Teams pass through various stages like,

• In the forming stage, team members first come together and form initial impressions; it is a time of task orientation and interpersonal testing. * • In the storming stage, team members struggle to deal with expectations and status; it is a time when conflicts over tasks and how the team works are likely. * • In the norming or initial integration stage, team members start to come together around rules of behavior and what needs to be accomplished; it is a time of growing cooperation. * • In the performing or total integration stage, team members are well-organized and well-functioning; it is a time of team maturity when performance of even complex tasks becomes possible.

• In the adjourning stage, team members achieve closure on task performance and their personal relationships; it is a time of managing task completion and the process of disbanding. The group is in storming stage right now. Every member of the group is in tension. Unannounced meeting shows that they are forming cliques. They could have easily informed every member of the group to discuss the project. Christine, the leader of the group could have managed the team in a better way. Group in this stage need more communication, training, supervision, and controlling. But she did not provide any of it.

Part II Problem Identification

The group is facing many problems. The main problem is, Christine is not an effective leader for the group. She didn’t assign work to the team or we can say the team never went through the forming stage. They never got to know each other. Even Christine did not know her team very well and did not take any steps to improve it. No clear work was assigned to the team members, no meeting were set in advance. They did not know the contact number or any...
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