The Ford Motor Company Was Founded in 1903 by Henry Ford. It Is a Public Company

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The Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford. It is a public company that is also global; distributing consumer goods in the Automotive and Transportation industry to include not only vehicles but vehicular motor parts as well as financial aspects to dealerships to offer contracts to distribute goods with the ability of installment payments. As the Ford Motor Company started out with only ten employees, it has grown to employ over 350,000 employees worldwide, this is to include being employed in all fields such as company offices, laboratories, or manufacturing facilities as well as dealerships. Since 1970, the Ford Motor Corporation has created thousands of jobs for its home based area and contributes to the flourishing community of Dearborn, Michigan. Ford Motors is equally dedicated to many of its employee’s albeit across the nation or globally. (Hatfield, 2012) As Ford is the second largest automaker in the U.S. and the fifth largest in the world based on annual vehicle sales for 2010, this company’s revenue intake exceeded 128 billion dollars for that year. Accordingly, it is reported that for sales in the year 2011, revenues excelled the previous years with an intake of 136.26 billion dollars with a gross income of 28.22 billion. (NYSE, 2012) The Ford Motor Company’s parent company is based in Dearborn, Michigan however; Ford manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents with about 166,000 employees and approximately 70 plants worldwide. The size of this profitable company is massive with expansion into the global economy in these following countries: Australia, Europe, Brazil, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Thailand, England, Portugal, Malaysia, Germany, Venezuela, Argentina, Turkey, Belgium, Vietnam, Russia, Philippines, South Africa, Taiwan, Wales, Romania, And the United States of America. In continuing to describe the Ford Motor Company, it’s CEO and President is Alan R. Mulally who is sixty four years old and was elected President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford that went into effect on September 1, 2006. With William Clay Ford, Jr. as its Chief Executive Chairman, he is fifty two years old and has held a number of management positions within Ford, including Vice President with the Commercial Truck Vehicle Center. (Ford Motor Company, 2012) Mr. Michael E. Bannister is Executive Vice President (Chairman & CEO Ford Motor Credit Company), Mr. Bannister joined Ford Credit in 1973 and has held a number of branch and regional management operating positions and in 2004 he was named executive vice president of Ford Motor Company and is also chairman and chief executive officer of the Ford Motor Credit Company. (Ford Motor Company, 2012) Ford Co. has Executive Lewis W. K. Booth for its Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and in 2008; Mr. Lewis Booth was elected these positions and has the responsibility for the company’s financial operations, including the Controller’s Office, Treasury and Investor Relations. (Ford Motor Company, 2012). Lastly, along with other numerous hierarchies position’s is Thomas K. Brown, who is the Group Vice President of the Global Purchasing sections and is responsible for approximately $65 billion dollars of production and non-production procurement’s for Ford operations worldwide. He became group vice president for Global Purchasing in 2008. (Ford Motor Company, 2012) The Ford Motor Company is proud of their mission statement and takes pride in it. This company’s mission statement is, ‘One Mission, One Team, One Plan, and One Goal.’ ONE FORD MISSION: ONE TEAM: People working together as a lean, global enterprise for automotive leadership, as measured by: Customer, Employee, Dealer, Investor, Supplier, Union/Council, and Community Satisfaction. ONE PLAN: Aggressively restructure to operate profitably at the current demand and changing model mix. Accelerate development of new products our customers want and value....

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