The Fog

Topics: English-language films, Fish, Ocean Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: March 8, 2014
Alex lay frozen stiff in bed listening to the horrible sounds coming from the ocean. Exactly a year ago something disastrous happened; he and his Mum were fishing out on the ocean when suddenly out of nowhere, fog started enclosing his Mum from every direction suffocating her until all of a sudden... she disappeared into thin air. ***** A dark haunting shadow suddenly flew across the window distracting Alex from his train of thought. Alex scared to death, rapidly climbed out of bed and ran to the window feeling the cool breeze touch his face. His eyes caught a glimpse of what he thought was his Mum in the far distance. The figure looked exactly like the one he had just seen pass his window. He kept observing the figure, watching its every move until all of a sudden it turned its head and looked directly at him. Their eyes locked together; they stayed staring at each other for a while until Alex heard a haunting voice. It said “Alex, it’s me your Mum’s spirit, come down to the ocean and do what we’ve down every year, fish!”. Alex quickly changed into his clothes then tip-toed down the stairs toward the door and out into the cold misty night. He quietly ran to the garage making sure not to make any sudden noise that would wake up his foster parents. Alex heaved open the garage door with a creek and walked inside dodging all the spider-webs that looked like they had been there for quite some time. He saw the dinghy and some old rusty fishing rods, he lifted up the fishing rods and gently placed them down onto the dinghy. With a heavy push, he managed to get the dinghy out of the garage and onto the damp grass. He gently closed the garage door then without any hesitation lifted up the dinghy and dragged it into the darkness… ***** Morning arrived, Alex woke up with a fright, he had accidentally fallen asleep in the sand. He...
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