The Flying Saucer

Topics: Coming out, Thing, The Police Pages: 3 (1245 words) Published: September 8, 2008

It was 9:30 pm.
As it was a cold winter night not many people could be found on the streets of Florida. Besides it was a Friday night when everyone used to rest after 5 weekdays. However I was late again to return from my office. I was freezing along in the lonely field four miles away from my home. Suddenly my car halted without any explanation. Quickly I got out of my car to check what was wrong. After opening the bonnet I was pleased to find every part was in proper order. Surprisingly my car battery was out of order though it was fully charged before I started. All in a sudden I saw some mysterious lights all around me and I saw something huge was coming down on earth. It was a round shaped thing without any landing wheels. Within a flash thought of flying saucer came in my mind. However it took a few seconds for me to make sure my suspect that it was a spaceship.

At first I could not believe my eyes. I thought it must be an illusion. Hence I pinched my hand several times to make sure that I was not dreaming. Confusedly I gazed all around me only to find complete darkness everywhere as far as my eyes could reach. But soon I realized that it was not an illusion as I heard a continuous low frequency sound that could cause serious headache to any living being on earth. It was a bizarre sound which I had never heard before and I had my hair raised. My fingers quickly found themselves inside my ear hole which lightened the pain a bit. At last the flying thing touched the ground and I experienced a mild earthquake. The thing could be ten ton in weight and fifty meter in diameter. The whole place was trembling as it got down on the plain field. However I found myself hiding behind the car all through this time which I must have done out of extreme fear. While I was busy about myself the whole spaceship was covered with smoke all around it. At last when I gazed again at that round heavenly thing I saw dazzling red light...
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