The Flapper Life In The 1920's

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Women Now and Then
The Flapper lifestyle became popular in the 1920’s after the rights of women were expanded. The new rights that were given to the women gave them a certain confidence boost. Some women began to expand certain lifestyle activities that would, in the 1920’s, not necessarily be accepted by society’s standards. The women whose attitude became rebellious and independent became known as flapper. “Many women celebrated the age of the flapper as a female declaration of independence. Experimentation with new looks, jobs, and lifestyles seemed liberating compared with the socially silenced woman in the Victorian Age.” Both the flappers of the 1920’s and the women of modern America share an attitude of independence. Society's reactions to these women has become less...

In the 1920’s when women were first classified as “flappers”, the society surrounding them had a very negative reaction to the girl’s outburst of rebellion and the want of independence. In the 1920’s, because it was all new to them, the society was baffled by the sudden change in behavior from the women and young girls. Now of course not all of the new behavior is bad, it’s good for the women to try to expand their talents with the new activities such as sports and job occupations. But modern society is sadly used to and has accepted the type of rebellion and behavior from women and young girls that the people of the 1920’s tried to reject. Many girls now have parents that don’t are so blind to the fact of what they are doing that they try even harder to be recognize by parents and peers. And even though when the economy crashed and the Great Depression limited the amount of rebellion that could take place, the taste of freedom that the women got then was never given up and that feeling of freedom is what has stayed with the women of modern America...
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