The Five Stages of Team Development

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The Five Stages of Team Development: A Case Study

1. Background theory
The theory of Tuckman (1965) ‘five stages of team development’ is based on the process of a group coming together, getting to know each other, developing a group dynamic and after all working together as a whole team where everyone benefits from each other. The five stages start with ´forming´, this stage means the very first moment the team meets each other, so at this moment they have not met each other and they have no expectations of each other but rather they are there to learn about each other, like Gina Abudi (2010) says in her case study they are ´feeling each other out´. Moreover in the second stage ´storming´, the team already knows each other however they still need to compete for their status. They have already began to work together but they are still finding each other´s place in the group. At this moment the role of the team leader is essential as he/she needs to control the situation and make sure that everyone feels accepted, equal and understood. In the third stage ´norming´, the team starts to work as a group already. They are not competing with each other but now the goal is clearer for them and every person in the team wants to reach it as effectively as possible, therefore the team is co-operating a lot and looking for cohesion. Furthermore in the fourth stage ´performing´, the group is functioning perfectly and no disruptions are happening. There is a golden path everyone follows and all the work and co-operation is done smoothly with trust and respect. At this moment, if there is a problem/conflict there is no need for the team leader to get involved, the group will solve it by themselves. Lastly, the fifth stage ´adjourning´, is the last stage when everyone is evaluating themselves and each other. They start to feel the belonging however they know that everyone will go their own ways. At this moment every team member would decide for themselves who they would...
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