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"The Five-Hundred-Pound Reading Packet."

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"The Five-Hundred-Pound Reading Packet."
Joyce Ladson
Strategies for Success-200
Week 5

1. How would you advise Delila to prepare for her course reading?
In order for Delila to prepare for her course reading, the first thing I think she should do is see if the packet has an introduction page. If there is an introduction page there’s usually a summary on that page of what to expect in the packet. I would then break the assignment down into segments. Each segment would be designated to a week.

2. How would you suggest Delila organize her time so she could finish the readings in the allotted four weeks?
In order for Delila to finish the work in the allotted four weeks I think she should break the assignment down in four segments. Each week Delila can read and highlight any key information. In the first week I think she should time herself to see how long it took her to read the assignment. The next week I’d make it interesting by trying to beat my reading time from the week earlier.

3. How might Delila stay focused on her reading? How might she most effectively use writing as a way to accomplish her task?
Delila can read in small bites, take breaks if she finds herself drifting off. Basically I think she should have time designated for nothing but reading. She can use writing as a way to accomplish her task by simply highlighting or underlining key points. She can also make little notes in different wording to herself.

4. What techniques might Delila use to memorize long lists or other key material from her reading?
Delila can highlight or underline key points to memorize long list or other key material from her reading. She can also use arrows diagrams and other visuals to help her recall any information that she may forget.

5. In what ways can Delila use rethinking techniques to improve her understanding of the readings in the packet?
Delila can skim over the packet as well as her notes. She doesn’t have to skim over the whole packet just the more difficult part to make sure she gets a good understanding. When approaching a large reading assignment I think the Visualization Strategy and the Mnemonics Strategy would work best for me. The Visualization strategy will work well for me because when I read, I try to form a visual in my head of what I’m reading about. After that vision is formed I often find myself trying to draw little images of what I’m thinking about. Another strategy for me is the Mnemonics strategy. I find this strategy interesting because it describes techniques used to make your material more readily remembered. Also a lot of the professional memory experts use this strategy. I think if the professionals use it I should use it to.

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