The Five-Hundred-Pound Reading Packet

Topics: Distraction, Educational psychology, Attention span Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Eilleen E. Ruidiaz
1 The Five-Hundred-Pound Reading Packet
Preparation to begin reading, first step is applying P.O.W.E.R Learning Approach the written word, Gather the tools of the trade, Get most out of your reading, consider what it means and what you now, and Get the second time. Before you begin, think about your goal. Your reading goal will help you determine which reading strategy to adopt and make a list of your distractions and consider strategies for avoiding those distractions when you read.

2 Timing how long it takes to read a representative chunk of material provides whit a rough measure of your reading speed for the material. You also need to consider your personal learning style: your reading attention span. Attention span: The length of time that attention is typically sustained.

3 Keep out distracting thoughts and focus on the material you are supposed to be reading, are things you can do to stay focus. Read in small bites.
Take a break.
Deal whit mental distractions.
Manage interruptions.
Write While You Read is effectively. Writing notes and phrases will help you sturdy the material later.

4 Rephrasing key point highlight or underlining essential material and then rereading it ,and creating visual will all help you recall the information you’ve read. * Mnemonics
* Acronyms
* Involve multiple senses
* Visualize. Visualization
* Overlearning
5 The best way to rethink an assignment is to reread it ,along with any notes you’ve taken. Rethink transfer material from your short-term memory to your long –term memory. It solidifies information so that it will be remembered far better over the long haul.
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