The First Stone

Topics: 2007 singles, Love, Debut singles Pages: 4 (1195 words) Published: February 27, 2013
The First Stone Pt.2
Scene 1- Reef visits Leeza at the hospital to apologize about what he has done to her and her family. Also to get another chance to start all over with Leeza and be friends! Narrator: at 12pm Reef walks in the hospital to find Leeza while everyone else is sleeping Reef: Hey, you must be Leeza right? I’m Reef.

Leeza: What makes you think you can just walk into my room at 12pm, visiting hours are over! Reef: I know that, but I wanted to come by and see you.
Leeza: You decide to come now? A year after the accident, you better leave now before I call for security. Narrator: Reef is about to leave Leeza’s room until she calls for his name to stay. Leeza: Wait Reef! Please don’t leave, I’m sorry. I’m just lonely and very sad that I can no longer do all the funs things I use to when I wasn’t in a wheelchair. Reef: I come here to apologize and all you do is give me shit! I can’t change what happened, but I change what’s happening right now. This is why I came, I’ve changed I’m a better person now Leeza! Let me make it up for you. Leeza: Sorry Reef, nothing you say or do can make up for what you have done. Reef: Listen Leeza, anything we do will be way better than staying in this lousy ass hospital bed all day for the rest of your life unless you don’t get up and have some fun! I’ll be honest with you, I came here for your permission to take you on a date tonight, and I bought you these flowers. What do you say huh? Come on Leeza come out for some fun, if you don’t enjoy tonight I will understand but please come out. Leeza: Thank you Reef, they’re beautiful. Smells lovely, but I can’t come out tonight. It’s too late, maybe next time. I don’t want to get you in any trouble. Reef: Get me in trouble? I already been through trouble, this one ain’t nothing. Get dress, I’m calling the taxi it will be here soon. Leeza: Okay Reef, but you’re crazy!

Reef: People tell me that all the time Leeza, hurry up get ready so we can get the hell outa here....
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