The First Stone

Topics: Family, Future, Foster care Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: October 14, 2012
By: Mohammad A
The First Stone
“The First Stone” is written by Don Aker and this book is based on two teenagers who have suffered very painful past. They both have lost one of their loved ones in their past. The main character is Reef’s whose parents and grandparents die when he was young. He was left to many foster homes because of his past. He got anger issues since his parents and grandparents died. He made very inappropriate decision that leads him to court and then to North Hills. Now he has to respect other and follows the rules in order to stay away from jail. I believe Reef could have changed his past. By his action, behavior and language but since he didn’t help himself, he now has to face his punishments but Reef still doesn’t care about what’s happening around him to people. Soon his whole life turns around in seconds just like a U-Turn. First example, Reef could have changed his past by his action because he should have not messed with people when they came to take their pit down. Maybe the pit needed to be a hotel again so people can stay and or they needed to run a business. If he and his friends Jink, Bigger have not did anything to the truck they would have their pit still there but just a new one. Since they make stupid mistakes like vandalized their truck the guys got pissed and chased them down while calling the cops. So, in the first place Reef should not mess with the people and get in trouble. Now Reef has changed to be a better person but has to be also in North Hills following Frank Colville’s rule. If I would been if Reefs place I maybe would have done the same thing because when people come to take it down its like people destroying my favourite house to make a new one. Now he has learned his lesson to not vandalize other properties and stuff by going to North Hills and helping out people, showing students what not to do and volunteering at hospitals.

Secondly, Reef could have changed his past by...
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