The First Seven Years by Bernard Malamud: An Analysis

Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: September 17, 2013
Comment on The first seven years by Bernard Malamud
  First, in terms of setting, the writer reveals not only that the time of the story is winter, but also that from a frosted window in his store Feld sees "nearsighted haze of the falling February snow" Therefore the primary setting of snow is given considerable emphasis by the author, which can be seen hither and thither. Feld walks along the street which is whitened by the crisp falling snow. This vivid illustration unconsciously gives the readers a stream of loneliness and misery. Actually, it embodies a way of futility, sterility and vulgarity life and also a kind of spiritual imprisonment for all of the characters. Furthermore the small and poor room , the single window, the narrow cot, low table and several stacks of books piled haphazardly around on the floor, all serve for the downhearted and crippling middle-aged Sobel.   As for character preoccupied, Feld is the very protagonist, being a round character who is practical and rational. He loves Miriam and request her to live according to his arrangements, no matter her education, her boy friend, and even her marriage. Besides, Feld selects Max as her boyfriend in that he is an educated boy and has bright future and he never stop short of arranging the time and place and almost every details of their blind date. What he does is hope Miriam will live a better life. It is the drastic transformation that when Feld is moved by Sobel's rigid love and great self-sacrifice for Miriam. He feels pity, compunction and misery for Sobel. Finally, Feld makes compromise in his daughter's marriage. Although there is not enough words and writing for him, yet Sobel is another major figure in the tale who is fragile, innocent, sensitive, spiritually isolated and easy to be hurt. His unswervingly loyal love for Miriam deeply moves the readers. He has waited her for five years and for the girl to become a woman. Thus he doesn't care pay and repay on working, the only thing...
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