The First Hour of a Day at School

Topics: Education, The Star-Spangled Banner, Sleep deprivation Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: September 25, 2010
Josh dragged his feet and shambled his way reluctantly to school, after donning sloppily into his school uniform, his hair uncombed. The school stood inhumanly and uninvitingly every morning, much to Josh’s abhorrence and distastefulness. Josh, along with thousands of other like-minded students, regarded going to school as a painful and repetitive routine.

Obligated, he finally entered Hell. The restless, unkempt soul fumbled his way to assemble in the congregation of students, all engaged in their raucous conversation. A quarter past seven, Josh lazily took out his novel which seemed to be forever stuck on page twenty eight. He started reading the same sentence over and over again, struggling to concentrate and stay conscious. However, boredom and fatigue allured him into a slumberous torpor.

His escapade was awoken by the ear-piercing screech of the microphone. As if on cue, the cacophony of gossips and conversation exchanged was also silenced when the principal and student councilor went onstage. “Please keep your reading materials” commenced the student councilor. Rustles of excitement were ensued subsequently, where the students were liberated from the tiresome chore of silent reading. “School, please stand” commanded the student councilor. Like prisoners compelled to listen to the commanders in jail, the congregation of students stood. Again, the national anthem was squeakingly played on the antiquated loudspeaker. Singing the national anthem and reciting the pledge, like chanting mantras, is part of every student’s daily regime. The singing of the national anthem was barely audible, but still hearable. After the dreadful round of singing, we resumed to silent reading.

Time to sleep.

The hypnotized congregation of students, except for a few avid fans of books, was all allured to sleep. “Please keep your reading materials,” uttered the student councilor, awakening students in their deepest slumber. “There are three announcements for today. The...
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