The First Group We Belong to Has More Influence Than Any Other Groups on for Our Identity

Topics: Amish, Personal life, Human Pages: 3 (1094 words) Published: July 14, 2011
The first group we belong to, the family has more influence than any other group on forming our identity. Dear diary,
Throughout my life in the Amish community, there is no doubt that I had learnt a lot, especially from my family who means a lot to me. Today I am 17 years old, the time when I am given the opportunity to make my life’s most important decision of living in the Amish for my whole life or joining the mainstream society, a whole new world, away from conformity and the restriction of self-expression. I am faced with the most difficult decision of leaving my family and loved ones to an unknown world and society where the way of life is completely different from the Amish society. My first experienced in the backstreets of Philadelphia was horrifying was the witness of a horrendous murder. I was terrified of that world, with dangers lurking everywhere. Violence is defied in my culture and witnessing such a dreadful scene was terrifying. The outside world was new to me, I found it strange yet interesting, everyone seemed in a hurry to reach somewhere, everything looked huge to me but most important of all, something about the murder changed the way I saw people. That was the day I met John Book, a police officer who became an important person in my life. He lived amongst us Amish for some time, after being shot by the corrupt cop who was behind the atrocious assassination of a person. Today I am 17 years trying to take the right path for the rest of my life and looking back at those days make me wonder how it would have been if John stayed with us. Knowing about the outside world and its freedom of having a sense of selfhood is overwhelming. Being born in an Amish community, abiding by the rules and culture was a part of my life, however, the desire of experiencing a carefree and freedom of a sense of selfhood environment in the outside world is exhilarating. Since the murder scene I came to differentiate between good and evil, I was able to tell a bad...
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