The First Day Of School

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The First day

My first day of school was really fun! When I woke up I was so excited to go to my new school. Especially, when it was also the first day I’ll be riding a bus to school with my brother. “Jessie hurry up the bus will be here in a few minutes!” exclaimed my brother. “Ok, ok” I mumbled. After I was done brushing my hair, we ran up to the bus. Happily greeting the bus driver. Once we got to school I had NO Idea where I was supposed to go or do. Luckily, my brother took me to my first period, Mrs. S. “Thanks Albert” I told my brother. Then, I stepped through the door, eagerly ready to see my classmates. When I opened the door Mrs. S. gave me some papers for my parents to sign, like every teacher on the first day would. She also gave me the number of the table I was going to sit in. Finally, once everyone was there, she started to introduce herself and give her speech. That day was awesome, she talked about her daughters and all her really funny stories everyone laughed about and were really enjoyable. I was so happy to see that I made tons of friends on that day, I had so much fun with everyone. I hope I have even more fun days like this with my classmates this year.
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