The First Day of Basic Training

Topics: United States Marine Corps, Sergeant, Non-commissioned officer Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: April 29, 2012
The First Day of Basic Training
Week 1 Assignment 1 Descriptive Essay
Chasity Schwoeppe

The First Day of Basic Training
I left for basic training on July 30, 2008, and arrived in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri on July 31, 2008. Before we entered into our extreme training, we processed into the Army for a whole week at reception. On the day of actual basic training, we realized our great lives changed to instructions all day, miserable feelings, separation from family, and extreme exhaustion. Although, this was our life much more horrifying things were about to happen. We finally realized all the negative feelings we were having seemed to get worse, such as receiving a shark attack from our drill sergeants, we were told when to eat, we were told when to shower, and when to go to sleep. On the bus, after processing, we were sent to our units where we would be training and staying for a very long slow tiring six months. While on the bus, everyone was worried about getting shark attacked. Shark attack is a system drill sergeants use to take control over manipulative soldiers. As we arrived to an oval barn with a white sliding garage door on the front, I thought to myself, “Where am I?” and “How am I going to carry two green duffle bags weighing over fifty pounds down the stairs?” When I went down the stairs I felt as if I was falling off the earth. Once I made it down the stairs very slowly, we had to stand in a perfectly straight line with our bags heal to toe with the person in front and behind me. My nervousness by this time has turned into anxiety. My breathing was rapidly faster and I was sweating anticipating on what was going to happen next. The garage door slid open and all that I saw was white cloudy smoke and circle green brown hats coming out of the smoky clouds. As the drill sergeants were barging toward us like wild boars hungry for food, all I could think and feel was numbness and my heart beating. I didn’t even want to move a...
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