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1. greeting & introduction
Hey guys
I am licky and am here to do a presentation.
Perhaps you have known the firm HTC or some of you at this class could use their branded phone now. Let's start to think about the implication from the case study on HTC as a pioneer in smart phone industry. At first we are going to talk the purpose and course of this case. The second we gonna talk is the firm introduction, the third one is the summary of network industry and then we gonna analyze the main issue on this case and strategy of HTC. At the last, we gonna show the present business status of HTC. The first chapter is the purpose and course of HTC.

The case analysis what we are showing through case 13 is about their history and background till they have been called a pioneer in smart phone industry. Next in the case course, we gonna show how the firm came up with an effective counter plan and business level strategy from the change of network industry environment and we gonna draw a conclusion from the things. Last, we gonna think whether their business level strategy was successful to be more competitive and understand the present situation between competitors to be stronger in smart phone market. Especially, we hope you all have a worthy time through a following discussion.

2. summary
I am ___ and let you know the 2nd chapter.
HTC corporation was founded in TAIWAN may 1997 by two entrepreneurs HTC president CHER WANG and CEO H T CHO. They manufactured ms phone in 2002 and now has gotten through to all of the world now. They has set "quietly brilliant" as their slogan and been running their business. Let's see their detailed history on next page.

I am explaining their history on the period basis with 1997 to 2000, 2002 to 2006 and 2006 to the present status. In HTC business case, they had been widely recognized as the first firm in their industry. In 1998, they manufactured MICROSOFT PDA at the very beginning in smart phone industry. In 2002, they showed off a smart phone model first in market and then in 2005, HTC showed 3g phone model in market with MICROSOFT. The main change of HTC is that they launched their brand in 2006 so they could show off a new smart phone based with touch screen in market. After 2009, HTC has evolved their business through a global campaign. We need to check the consistence of industry market that HTC belonging. Because we will be able to know their competitors and competitive strategy after identifying the industry clearly. The increasing factors in mobile market during 1990s.

The first cause is the governments allowed the license.***
The second one is mobile phone had been able to be hand-held. We can divide network industry into two.
It is network operators and handset makers. Namely, network operators and handset makers have an interdependent relationship in the industry. In the U.S, there are VERIZON, AT&T, SPRINT and T-MOBILE in their market and in EUROPE, there is VODAFONE, ORANGE, TELEFONICA, T-MOBILE and O2 as network Operators.

Besides, there are more network operators IN JAPAN, CANADA, ASIA and so on. As we know, the mobile market has the first generation which had characteristic of analog transition with voice and the second generation that was developed with digital method. After the third generation was developed, we could be able to use voice and digital data with 3g. At this moment, the developement of fourth generation was about to begin. Next page is about the hand sets makers. There were NOKIA, SAMSUNG, LG, RIM and APPLE on top 5 rank. At the time, HTC was just ranked on 9th. If so, what is the main issue that HTC have as one of the manufacturers in smart phone market? ___ is telling you about the main issue of HTC

3. main issue
The first of the most important thing on the main issue is the HTC corporation changed their production method. The first is the change of ODM to OBM.
ODM production method is the manufacture way with a subcontract from other...
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