The Fires Of Jubilee Review

Topics: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Rebellion Pages: 5 (1532 words) Published: April 22, 2015
Thien Le
May 30, 2015
History 1301-07
The Fires of Jubilee Book Review
This book was written by Stephen B. Oats. He is known as an award winning Civil War era expertise. Stephen has written sixteen novels and The Fires of Jubilee is one of those sixteen. Stephen wrote this biography of Nat Turner about his notorious rebellion. Nat Turner believed that he was the “chosen one” by the Lord. Funny as it is, his name Nathaniel means “the gift of the God” in Hebrew. Nat Turner was convinced that deep inside his heart, that he was the significant and an important individual to be in a fight for the freedom of all the slaves. When he was younger, he was a considered as eye-catching, because his mother and father would seem to always brag to all the other slaves about how Nat Turner has inbuilt bumps and scar tissues on his head and chest area. This meant that he was destined to be a leader in African tradition. Nat Turner was categorized as a naturally gifted individual. While he was a little boy, he was able to learn how to read and write effortlessly on his own with no one else’s assistance. Such advanced skill mind-boggled all of the slaves and his master, Ben Turner. Nat Turner had also blown away his mother by informing her about an event that had to do with his birth, something that he had no possible way of knowing at all. His mother even asked him how did he know about the incident but he all he said to her was that he just somehow knew. A multitude of whites and slaves had made Nat Turner feel different than the rest when they said that he “would never be of any service to anyone as a slave.” A pronouncement like that to a young child made Nat Turner believes that one day he might be freed. He has always had confidence that he was different from the rest of the people around him. On the days of the holidays, Nat Turner would never drank, not even get drunk like the other slaves. This was considered a disgrace to slaves that do not get drunk on those occasions. Nat Turner had visions; visions that were so convincing it led him to believe that he was the chosen one. He stated that those visions were from the Lord himself to him. Those visions were soon to be his ambition for future insurrections. Nat Turner was owned by Ben Turner until he reaches the age of eight years old. Ben Turner was observed as to be a fair and kindhearted master to Nat Turner. Unfortunately, Nat became a slave to Ben’s son, Sam Turner, at the age of nine. Sam Turner was much a harsher master to Nat than how his own father was. When Nat reaches the age of twelve his life turned all around. This is where reality starts to kick in, because once a slave child turns twelve they begin working and the playing has come to a halt for them. At that point in time, Nat finally realizes that he was a slave. He then sees himself being owned by another individual as if he was like a piece of property and was to be commanded to work like a mule for them. Before he realized that he was slave he actually believed that he would be freed. The comment that his former master, Ben Turner, and from the other slaves had always mentioned that he “would never be of any service to anyone as a slave" made him believe he would be freed because of his advanced skills. As the years passes by, Nat grew hopeless about himself being freed. This harsh event along with his convincing religious fantasies would motivate him to become leader to one of the most notorious slave rebellions ever in the history of slavery. Nat Turner has always knew he was unique, but not exactly the reason why. He had heard a lecture that had him deep in his thoughts for varies of days. Then however, one day while he was praying upon his pillow overheard what sounded like a voice in the wind. The voice spoken to him saying "see ye the kingdom of heaven and all things shall be added unto you," but unfortunately he does not understand what it meant to him yet. Then the voice recapped to him again on...
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