The Final Decision Is Not In Your Hands

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Doctor Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: May 9, 2014

It was January 30th of 2011 in Tijuana on my grandmothers house when we got the worst notice of our lives the doctor had detected to my grandmother cancer and it was very advance he could not do anything else ,we all were set on the sofa crying as babies when they want to eat.“please don’t go br with me cried my grandmother I won’t let you alone I answered, thanks for your companie she answered.’’

as long as the time pass my grandmother didn’t feel very well, she was feeling bad at the point of been hallucinating, and forgetting all the names of her grandsons ,sons,daughters.Days and days pass my grandfather started to have bad signs.He started to defect blood,it looks like bruhanje,july 30th 2011 grandpa couldn’t move it was paralyzed ,my mom immediately took the keys, with her red and pallid skin my mom bring the car in to the big porch, the blue and comfortable car felt like if it was very slow, when we got in to the emergency room the doctors and the medical assistant were running in the hole hospital, the ambulance sirens ringing all over the hospital those sounds were scary, at the pass of two days he had the same energy ,but the final decision wasn’t true the tragedy came, his pressure started to came up like a roller causter that day unforgettable he lost a lot of blood .

When my grandma arrived in to the hospital that day, my grandfather was dead, my grand mother begins crying and she felt like if her head it was going to explode, that headache was really strong so my aunt leo took her with her doctor.That cold and rainy day my grandmother get in a coma for a few of days, that situation became worst and worst.At the time of 5 months she was better, she was set on her big, flofy bed .Her eyes turn white my mom frustated laught “mom,mom, are you okey” she didn’t answered, my mom inmediately turn on the car, turn out of the house less then one minute,our hear rate was accelerated like a wild horse....
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