The Film Trekking

Topics: A Good Thing, Examined Life, Nepal Pages: 1 (444 words) Published: April 25, 2008
The film Trekking on Tradition examined life in Nepal according to the Nepalese and the trekkers who visit. The Nepalese live a very simple basic life. One thing that attracts many people is the town of Tatopani, where the population is 300, but people go there because of the hot springs. Some trekkers say they go for the personal experience and to learn about other cultures. This area is developing more but it is for the tourists not the local people. Now that more tourists have come the Nepalese are forgetting their old traditions and would like to be more modern. One would think this would be a good thing but the tourists are against this so they can get their Nepal experience. Even though the tourist would like these people to remain simple they taught them some skills. Tourists have taught them how to become better hosts, how to clean and make the lodges more livable. Even though this is good the Nepalese are more competitive and do not have time to socialize with each other anymore. The children usually orphaned or poor would walk for hours to another town to fetch some wood for the lodges. For doing this they were taking care of by the staff. The Nepalese men would fantasize about being with a western woman rather than their own women. This led to changes in people relationships because they had new desires. For some people, usually men, after they get a certain age all they had to look forward to are playing cards. In Nepal the women are the backbone of the economy but either their husbands or parents have complete control. Even if the woman is the sole bread winner of the household she still has to ask for permission to spend her own money. Some Nepalese think they come to America they would have this wonderful experience and life would be so much better. People come to Nepal on a vacation which they have no concept of. They have to work for the rest of their lives without a break. I am very lucky compared to a lot of people because some parts of the...
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