The Film Metropolis Film Shots

Topics: Film, Persistence of vision, Cinema of India Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: October 16, 2007
The film Metropolis is a unique film. If one thinks about the time in which the film was made and then thinks of how little technology was available to the film industry, they would see how awesome the film truly is. A specific scene that had two camera angles involved in it was when Maria was saving all the children from the flooding. It was filmed with a crane, but it also moved around her on a dolly to show all the children gathering around her. This scene involved two common camera shots that are usually combined during filming of films. A pan shot occurred during the film when Maria walks out with the boys and the camera zooms in on her face as she talks to Freder and the other people in the scene, then zooms out to show how the scene is handled and how everyone reacts. This was effective because it was the first time that we see Maria, and we see how kind and understanding her face is, and we see how Freder wants to know more about this young woman. A Dutch tilted shot that was used when Freder and his father were talking to the city. The camera shot the buildings at a tilted angle, making the buildings look even bigger and in effect made the city seem larger. This was quite an effective camera shot for this particular scene. An example of a tilt shot would be when the robot is revealed for the first time. The camera goes up and down the robot. A dolly shot was used when the "workers" were getting into the elevators to go under the city to work. The camera was shooting the sides of the workers as they were walking in. It followed them all the way to the elevators. This was effective because it stressed how many people actually had to go underground to work. A crane shot was shot during the scene when Joh Fredersen and Rowtang were spying on Maria. They were spying from above and the camera moved from them to down to were Maria was talking. This is needed in the scene to show that Joh and Rowtang were actually hidden and the crane shot did this...
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