The Film Confederate States Of America

Topics: United States, Black people, Confederate States of America Pages: 5 (2417 words) Published: January 12, 2015
The film “Confederate States of America” is a quasi-documentary film about the history of an America. Through the eye of a British “documentary” this film takes a satirically, humorous, and sometimes frightening, look at Civil War won by the South. First thing this work is take into consideration are advertisements. The director, Kevin Willmott, cuts the film with some commercials and with a news broadcast. Most of the ads are fake though they make the viewer thrilled, because of their racists and sexists’ overtone. The Blacks are presented as the things, pets, servants, and possessions. They have no voice, no rights, they are loyal to theirs masters and happy to be govern by a superior white race. . The commercials in which we can see the blacks as a possessions are mostly the advertisements of an imagined insurance companies. Such companies protect you, your family, and all things you have got, a car, a house, a nigger… Another example of the way the blacks are treated is an ad of a pill called “Contrari”. Thanks to that newest discovery of veterinarians your Niger would always be happy, and would not make any problems. What is more, for those Blacks who have tendency to run away from their cozy masters’ homes, Americans scientist invented The Shackle, the revolutionary way of servant monitoring. This commercial has its imaginary origins. The Confederate doctor Samuel A. Cartwright claimed that beloved slaves, have tendency to suffer from a disease called “Draptomania” which causes slaves to run away. Moreover, in CSA there is a Department of Commerce Office of Racial Identity. Thanks to that institution every white citizen could report a questionable racial identity of a neighbor, or someone at work and might be eligible for a cash reward for reporting it. This institution has got its origins in the fact that back to the early 1890s there were many mixed raced men and women, and then they were harder to recognized, and they often tried to act as whites. Commercials also presents some stereotypical blacks’ representations, like: the fat black woman servant, who is always making a fuss, do some cooking and cleaning around the masters’ house. Moreover, she is presented as a silly person who can only brag about in an uneducated manner. That is enough of a frightening fiction. There were commercials of a products or places which were real. Firstly the “The Gold Dust Twins”, the black and blackfaced white children were casted as Goldie and Dustie in liked by a lot of people advertisement of a washing powder from 1880s-1930s. Sambo Axle Grease , an oil(1870s-1920s), Sambo was also a restaurant chain that finally closed in the 1980s(!)Second a very popular restaurant chain was Coon Chicken Inn. There were successful restaurants in Salt Lake City, Seattle and Portland with an entrance in a shape of a mouth of a smiling black porter. Through the 80 years Darkie Toothpaste which was primarily sold overseas is still sells in Asia as a “Black Man Toothpaste” in US, the named was changed to Charlie, however. Second things are the crucial “historical” facts in the white history of a Confederate States of America. The movie assumes that the South won the Civil War, which is first non-historical argument presented in a movie. Because in fact the North had won the Civil War. Thanks to the Yankees there is a country known as United States of America with a flag with red and white stripes and 50 white stars on a blue rectangle on it. But there is no place to describe such issue, especially when the main theme in more than 90 minutes’ film, is the assumption that the Civil War and slavery was the best thing that could ever happened to this country, because of economic reasons and white superiority. The cause of a War and Rebellion, in the movie and in the real history, was a problem of slavery. In the CSA, economy was based on the cotton and work of Possessions, and in the time of Civil War the reality is not as far from the...
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