The Filipino Youth : Coping with Modern Technology

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How are the Filipino Youth Changing? THE SHIFTING LIFESTYLES OF OUR NATION’S YOUNG, 1970S TO 1990S *


Tinatalakay sa papel na ito ang mga pagbabago sa pamumuhay ng mga kabataan sa ating lipunan. Sa pamamagitan ng mga paghahambing ng mga naunang pagaaral noong dekada sitenta at otsenta sa mga pag-aaral ng dekada nobenta, maraming nakitang matingkad na pagbabago sa pamumuhay, pag-iisip at pagpapalagay ng mga kabataan. Ipinakita din kung paanong ang mga sosyopulitikal at pang-ekonomikong salik tulad ng paglaganap ng AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) at pagdaluyong ng migrasyon ay nakakaapekto sa anyo at direksyon ng mga pagbabagong ito. *

This is a revised version of the paper commissioned by the Philippine Council for Population and Development (PCPD) for its Media Dialogue on the Changing Lifestyles of the Filipino Adolescents held on 9 November 2000 at Via Mare Penthouse, Tektite Building, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Thanks are due to Ms. Anna Liza Po for her very efficient research assistance and the UPPI for logistical support.

**Associate Professor at the UP Population Institute. Her areas of specialization include demography, statistics and sociology. She has published and unpublished research studies in various topics including migration, mobility and occupations; marriage, gender and development; family and the life course; adolescent reproductive health and sexuality; and technology and labor force dynamics. Her two most recent publications are A Quantitative Approach for Examining Female Status and Development Interrelationships: with application to Pre-Beijing data from the Philippines and International Migration, Human Resource Development and the Occupational Structure in the Philippines. She was also a member of the Technical Writing Team that prepared State of the Philippines Population Report 2000 (Time to Act: Needs, Options and Decisions).

vol. 56 nos.1-4, jan-dec 1999


No other segment of any society, in any nation, mirrors its potentials as its youth. Hence, every society strives to ensure the provision of all opportunities possible for the development of their youth towards their becoming healthy, well educated, culturally endowed, socially adjusted, morally upright and politically active. Yet, no one is as vulnerable to external influences, good or bad, as the young. As they mature, these influences would eventually help define their self identities, frames of mind and world views. It is therefore very important to examine lifestyle changes among the youth in the light of the varied and colorful social, economic, and the attendant political events that have occurred during the past 30 years. During this period, there have been profound changes in most spheres of human existence — social, economic and political changes, both global and local. How are the Filipino youth in particular changing? Worth noting, are the changes in our government since the 1970s and current political uncertainties, which are closely intertwined with the economic state of the nation. The surge in Filipino contract labor migration, which largely began also in the 1970s, continues to transform Filipino families in nontraditional ways. Moreover, changes in the international scene, particularly the discovery of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which hangs like a scepter over unprotected and ill-prepared societies; and globalization which was spurned by rapidly evolving information technology, among others, seem to make our lives more complex and, at times, incomprehensible. Through it all, it is our young who are most affected.




This study aims to review and analyze changes in the lifestyles of the Filipino youth over the past 30 years. The limited coverage of the dimensions included in the study does not indicate a particular bias for any facet of youth behavior. Rather, this study was...
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