The Filipino Family as Strength of Filipino Society

Topics: Sociology, Family, Filipino language Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: September 4, 2013
In July 20 2013 contact session for Social Sciences, the Module 1 topic is all about The Family as the Strength of Filipino Society. The discussion focused and centred on the Kinship and Family as Basic Structures of Social Relations, The Family as the Inner Social World of Filipino Life and The Filipino Family and Value System.

I believed that Kinship is the basic element of social structure and that the family as core element of kinship. Indeed kinship provides the internal force that makes the social structure cohesive and enduring however this is the same affinity that divides, hinders and prevents the society to thrive and be developed. Say in politics, we all know that once a candidate won the race and upon assumption of work the first order of battle is to put relatives, friends, acquaintances and allies in the key positions in order for the elected personality to control the operations and ensure that no one would oppose to whatever he would like to accomplish. Let’s take for example the processing of clearances, say Barangay clearance, if you are related to the Bgry. Chairman you can get clearance even if non appearance, but if you’re an ordinary elector and unfamiliar, you will have to follow the laid procedures such as of accomplishing the application form, follow queue and wait for a period of time prior to its release. In the job hiring, you will be prioritized if you knew somebody from within the office or company you’re applying with even if there’s people who most fit the position, though it’s the office/company’s prerogative we all know it defeats the healthy competition set forth and the possibility of low productivity is most likely. If this is the case, the office/company and the society’s chance to level up a notch higher will be eradicated. It is in the culture of Filipinos that everyone has great attachment to his family to the point that even siblings who have their own family, still finds living with their...
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