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The question “who is the Filipino?” is always bear on our mind of who is the real Filipino are. From the tome when we were born until now, it was remarkable for us that the Filipino have the characteristic of being kayumangi (morena) black hair, pandak at pango. This description described as being a Filipino by blood. On the other hand Filipino is a person or linked to the Philippines Island. Nowadays, were in the in the 21st century perhaps we consider this time as the year of modernization that brought about lot of changes in one’s life. One change that provide evident to this, is the changes way of life among the individual and especially mentioned among to the Filipinos. And as the present of technology the way of life of people are getting shallow by the changes and this changes affect the culture of one nation. Is the Filipino Culture Damaged? For me, The Filipino culture is damaged. According to most anthropologists, we take in as many foreign cultures as we can and give it a Filipino twist and then claim it as our own. That is true but in that process of accumulation, we start to mutate our own culture. We mutate our culture by taking in so much foreign influence that we eradicate what is Filipino, our tradition and culture. During the pre-Hispanic and the post-Hispanic era, most of the Filipinos knew nothing of divorce or annulment, but ever since the American occupation Filipinos have taken a different view on the concerns of marriage. Marriage for most people has become a means for satisfying one's need for the other without taking in consideration the responsibilities that comes with it. Marital conflicts that were usually resolved within the family were taken to a higher level, to the courts of law. Now, each other's attorneys do the Filipino tradition of intimate conversations between husband and wife to iron things out. Although there is little advocating done for the passage of the divorce bill in congress, the mere presence of such minority means that there is clamoring for it. We've seen it on tele-novelas, Oprah, daytime soaps, and primetime teeney bopper shows like Popular. Too much can really affect our thinking that it's more practical than it is not practicable. Practical because it can solve our bed-sharing and money-sharing and whatever-sharing problems in a snap. What we forget is that it is not practicable because our dominant faith is against it and that even before marriage, the only thing that a couple shared was love for one another, not some squeaky bed. Based on my observation, the Filipino culture is damaged but not hopeless because the Filipino person is not yet extinct. So, I think all we have to do is to strengthen that which is the positive side of our culture and repeat that which is good in the children and their children’s children and so on and so forth. Another culture that change is by saying “Po at opo” and “pagmano”which we prefer to say to our older ones its either the grandmother, parents brothers and sister. And take a look into our reality this particular scene changes into how we socialize to the foreigner. Before we use to “mano po” using the hand but now we use to kiss our parents on their cheeks. So, this one reason that the culture of the Philippines is damaged because the influence of the foreigner that lead to the changes of culture instead we just as Filipino we adopt the other culture than to our own culture. For example by just eating food of the other country, by dress up such as wearing those shirt that come from outside the country but the truth some of the jeans that we use are originally made from the Philippines it only differ or it changes by name or “tatak”. I think, there is a Philippine nation but we can’t deny that the other country over powering our nation and some Filipinos, they adopt the culture of other country because they think that if they know some certain things about other country it’s cool or in trend, but they don’t...
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