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The fight or flight response can be very helpful to humans in an emergency situation. They both send a large about of adrenalin out into the body. The question is whether you stay and fight your way through it or you take flight. It is all determined by one personality. If you stay it doesn’t make you a hero and if you flee it doesn’t mean you are scared. I feel that both responses can be helpful or harmful it just depends on the situation. Let’s just say you are taking a trip by train and all of a sudden the train that you are on crashes and catches on fire. All you hear are the screams of other passengers because the natural instinct of many people is to panic. Once your adrenalin kicks in, will you remain calm and do what is necessary to survive and help others or will you join the other passengers and begin screaming with panic? Sure at first you are going to be in a state of panic, but as the adrenalin kicks in you begin to calm yourself and grasp what has happened. You begin to gather yourself and help calm the other passengers on your train so that you can instruct them as to what you think would be of the most help to get out and survive. This would be the fight response. The flight response would be the opposite. You would be one of those passengers that you heard screaming in panic without a way to calm themselves. Screaming would be very unhelpful in this situation. Adrenalin kicks in no matter what the situation is. Adrenalin is a stress release hormone designed to make you fully alert in any situation. We never know which way we will react until it happens. Fight or flight is built into the brain and the outcome is a reaction of how you have learned to deal with fear or a threat.
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