The Fight of Native Americans

Topics: United States, Washington, D.C., United States Constitution Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: August 13, 2008
I believe that the most important issues today between the federal government and the Native Americans would have to be the fight for land and the fight for sufficient medical, social and educational services for its tribal members. The U.S. Constitution recognizes that Indian tribes are independent governmental entities. This is all under the legislative branch. Early in the 1800's, the Native Americans relinquished most of their land to the federal government in substitute for the guarantee that they could stay on reservation land. To date, the federal government has been negligent in their responsibilities. Recently, the National Congress of American Indians has published an article based solely on this subject. It is the legal commitment of the federal trust and their legal responsibility when the Indian lands were relinquished over to the United States. This obligation is codified in treaties, federal law, executive orders, judicial opinions, and international doctrine. This can be divided into three general obligations: protection if Indian trust lands: protection of tribal self-governance; and provision of basic social, medical, and educational services for tribal members. These promises not resist, the U.S. government has time after time fell short to follow through with necessities to match these essential responsibilities. (National Congress of, 2005) If they continue this way, the Native American people will have no choice but to make a movement to help them get all of these promises fulfilled.

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References: Indian Country Today. (2005). Makah regain lost timber land
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