The Fight Against Sexism

Topics: Gender, Human trafficking, Prostitution Pages: 4 (1313 words) Published: August 4, 2013
‘Natasha Tavakolzadeh
Professor Modesto
ENG 105
June 18 2013
The Fight Against Sexism
Sexism, in the form of gender discrimination and gender-based violence, too often results in female children being aborted before birth or raped and sexually tortured at some point in their lives. Furthermore, gender discrimination limits the economic opportunities for many women around the world, as they cannot work or are not seen as needed. Sexism is dangerous to society, especially in low-income countries. Where preferences is given to male babies over female babies, which contributes to limitation of women’s economic choices and creates a culture of violence against women and girls. Sexism is dangerous to society, because it is causing a population decrease in women. Sheryl WuDunn, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist for her book Half the Sky stated in her 2010 Ted Talk lecture that there are approximately 60-100 million missing females in the population, due to women being discriminated to death, or aborted before they are even get a chance at life (Wudunn). Furthermore, this is a very big issue in society and in low-income countries. The fact that women are disrespected in low-income countries shows a lack of knowledge and cultural differences between more modernized countries and in these low-income countries. In many poor countries, women abort a child just because the fetus is female. India is an example where sex selection is common. Most of the abortions in India are done privately; therefore there is no good statistics available about the frequency of abortion of female fetuses. However, anecdotally, there is substantial evidence that female fetuses are now being aborted in hugely disproportionate numbers after the parents visit a sex-determination clinic. It has been legal in India to have an abortion through 20 weeks of pregnancy since 1971. The reason given most often for India's preference for males is that farming fathers need male children to work...

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