The field trip

Topics: Disability, Wheelchair, Disability rights movement Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: March 6, 2014
Public Space: Oviatt Library

What I See
Connections to Disability
Bathroom Accessories
The main floor has only one bathrooms for each gender. It is designed for both able bodied and disabled people. The other floors have two. One for the able, the other for disabled even though there’s no sign of handicap. Computers

On every floor, all computers are available for the abled people. Except the main floor and the fourth floor, there’s a notice with handicapped sign saying “PLEASE DO NOT MOVE THIS TABLE DOWN OR PULL UP A CHAIR” on the computer table. Book shelf

Except the book shelves on the main floor, others are too high for wheel-chair people to reach. Also the passage between book shelves are too narrow for them to go through. Study Area
I don’t think the wheel-chaired people can sit down in the study area because they cannot even go through the narrow passages. So they have very limited area to sit down and study when they come to the library. Wireless Bar

Wireless Bars are usually convenient for students to access socket but wheel-chaired students will find it difficult to study there because the chairs there are too high for them. Tseng Family Wing

I think the door is not wide enough for wheel- chair people to get in. Elevator
The elevators are close to the entrance in every floor, which is convenient for the disable. Lobby
No tables and chairs are specially made for the disable. Also this area is too crowded. The disable will find it hard to get in. Freudian
It seems that this cafeteria serves for able bodied people. Some products are too high for wheel-chaired people to reach. And one of the registers is too high. Chairs
They are made for abled people.
They are very low in the wall. If the disable want to charge power, they will feel inconvenient. Learning Common Technology
The counter is too high for the wheel-chaired people.
Nothing that can help the blind in the library.

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