The Festival

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It was late at night when my phone began to ring. The moon had been up for hours and I was just getting ready to hit the sack. "Who could possibly be calling me?" I thought to myself as I picked up the call.

"Michael, what're you doing?" Of course, my older sister Jessie, the only person on this planet who actually refers to me by my real name. Not that I care, I find it to be more unique considering every other Michael I've known is not even a Michael at all, just Mike.

"Well I was getting ready for bed when you called me." I knew she could tell by my tone that I was not interested in talking right now and she couldn't care less.
"Michael, it's summer, and you get a full 12 hours of sleep not matter what time you crash." She had a point there. "Anyways, you remember how we talked about trying to get you into working staff for this years Harry Brown festival?"

"Yeah?" Now she really caught my attention.
"Well I made a few calls this morning and now you're all signed up. Start packing clothes to last you for the weekend and any other essentials you can think of. You'll be staying with me and Matt -her boyfriend- in our camper with plenty of food in it to last us."

"A little last minute, but I'll start packing right now!"
"Good, we'll be leaving at 8am tomorrow morning. Think you can handle that?"
"A giant mug of coffee and I'm ready to go."
"Of course, you and your coffee. I have to go now so you better be here on time tomorrow. I'll talk to you later, love you."
"Love you." I hung up the phone with excitement. This was the festival I'd been wanting to attend for years now, but couldn't because Jessie had considered me to be too young. The festival may be magical, but it's also a dangerous place, and to my sister I'll always be her little brother.

I showed up the next morning earlier than planned causing my eyes to leave me with more bags than I had packed. As I got out of my car, I saw Jessie loading supplies into the camper while Matt was latching it onto the truck. By the looks of it, they hadn't had much sleep either and that made me feel better; their jobs at the festival were a lot harder than mine.

"Is that everything?" I asked Jessie as she loaded up the cooler.
"Almost, I just need to grab my rain gear and we should be all set. Me and Matt are gonna have you follow us in the SUV so that you get a sense of direction on where we are. Store trips are gonna be your responsibility since we work most the day.

"Okay." I replied.
"And we need to get going now because all of our shifts start in 2 hours, you get in the SUV and wait while I grab the rest of our stuff.
I got in their SUV and started to follow them. While I was driving I thought a lot about fest and what it'd be like. From the stories I had heard, it sounded like a mystical place. Some described it as the freedom land where everyone could express their own ideas and creativities and not be judged. Others described it as art constantly being performed by the people, with costumes, crafts, and light shows. Live music constantly playing throughout the day and dozens of vendors selling personal handmade items that you'd never even think of. From my sisters perspective, she liked to think of it as a large family because she had been there so many years along with many others and together they watched as the place grew.

After a little over an hour of driving, we turned onto a dirt road. At the end stood a man with dreads and a beard that hung down past his shoulders. My sister had told me about him. People called him Storm, and even though he had worked for every single festival, no one knew his real name. I drove up to him and he handed me my bracelet and parking pass. My bracelet was white with penguins on them which told people I was a staff member. Volunteers got brown bracelets with music notes and people who were paying got plain purple ones.

We parked our vehicles in our spot but had no time to set up anything because our...
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